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August 13, 2021


Boudoir Photography

Colorado Boudoir Photography Tips

Ready to get sultry? Most women aren’t right away – and that’s normal! If you’re feeling nervous, not sure what to expect, and maybe even intimidated, I want you to know that you’re not alone, but also that this process is going to be fun as hell and empowering AF, and I can’t wait to be by your side! I’m here to answer your most pressing questions, and give you some tips and tricks to absolutely rock your session!

What is a boudoir photography session and why would I want to do this?

The biggest question I get from most folks – what the hell even is this? Boudoir photography is intimate, creative, sultry, and leans very fine art if done well, and most specifically, is an artform that’s meant to be flattering, fun, and empowering. There’s a misconception that your session is going to lean into porn (gosh, NO, please don’t worry!), and just be stark-nude images – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Your boudoir photographer (pick me, pick me!) should know how to read your body cues (and that includes when you’re nervous or feeling uncomfortable), will pose you in a way that feels natural, will give you guidance on what to wear/bring, and set you up for success. Your session will include a mix of casual and intimate poses, both with full clothing, lingerie or other undergarments, or leaning nude (if desired – this is YOUR call!).

My favorite part of boudoir photography is seeing my clients light up. Throughout your session, you will have the opportunity to express yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t, and see yourself in a light that you don’t see very often – and this allows for such an empowering experience! You’re going to leave your session feeling beautiful, confident, empowered, and hopefully a little more connected to yourself… and that’s why you want to do this. These images are sometimes given as a gift to your partner, but I want you to remember that boudoir is always, first and foremost, a gift to YOU.

I’m not feeling the cutest right now. Is my body type welcome? Should I still have these photos taken?

Girl, YES. The purpose of boudoir is not to look perfect, but we’re going to make damn-sure you look and feel damn-good. In the meantime, you’re going to have the opportunity to re-connect with your body in ways you haven’t before, and you deserve that experience.

I am someone who personally has struggled with both weight and an eating disorder in the past, and I can assure you that all bodies are welcome here. My business puts souls first – and the goal of boudoir is to ensure your soul is shining by the end of your session. I have worked with all body types, sizes, and skin tones, and my goal is to ensure you are comfortable and feel confident throughout your entire session!

I’m worried about privacy. Will you share my images with others?

Never without your permission. Once you receive your gallery, you will have the opportunity to select any images you feel comfortable with me sharing and if that is none, that’s absolutely okay. You’ll never feel pressure on my end to share any images, and they will never be shared without your permission. Any images you see on my website, this blog, social media or otherwise are photos that have been cleared to share by that client!

The women in your boudoir photos look like models – and there’s no way I can look like that. What if I don’t know how to pose?

That’s exactly why you’re hiring a professional. For the record, no gal walks into their boudoir session feeling like a model, but hopefully you walk out feeling just that! I am here to adjust you, guide you, pose you, instruct you, and educate you throughout your session, and my first priority is that you look – AND FEEL – good as hell throughout your entire session.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! While there is nothing like a one-on-one boudoir experience, I absolutely encourage you to bring someone with if that will make you feel more comfortable!

What should I do with these photos? Should I have them printed?

Remember, boudoir is a gift for YOU. I’ve had women print an image to hang in their home (yes, queen), or women who have had a book made to look through when they’re feeling less-than-fucking-fabulous to hype them back up, or, of course, a lot of women have had prints or albums made as a gift for their partner. Whatever your choice, remember to get creative!

When it comes to printing your images, I recommend that you take great care in considering where to complete this. You do receive a full print release with your package, which means you do have the opportunity to print wherever you choose. Considering these are intimate photos, Walmart / Walgreens may not be the best choice – consider that anyone and everyone could be working that counter, and possibly even Snapchatting these images to their friends. Your gallery comes via a personal password protect website, and inside your gallery is an option to print directly through me – directly through a professional photography print lab that will handle your images with sensitivity, privacy, and care.

I’m ready to do the damn thing! How do I book with you?

FUCK YES! I cannot wait for you to experience boudoir, and to be your personal hype gal that will provide you dope photos to boot! First, take a look at my boudoir photography pricing guidelines here. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which package you’re fully considering yet, I am here to help guide you through this process! When you’re ready, shoot me a message by completing my portrait contact form here. I’ll reach out by email from there, and we can talk through any questions you might have!

Tips & Tricks for your Boudoir Session

I could NOT be more excited that you’re considering boudoir, and I hope you’re excited, too! We’re going to have an amazing time! Boudoir can feel intimidating and scary at first, but you’re going to leave your session feeling empowered AF and I can’t wait! In order to help prepare you so you know exactly what to expect, I’ve outlined some tips ahead of time below! If you need anything at all leading up to your session, you know where to find me!

  • Variation will give you options so that you don’t have to stress! I recommend bringing one of each, if you have it & would feel comfortable wearing: 1.  A one piece set / bodysuit / teddy / slip dress or nighty, 2. Two piece (bra/panty, high-waisted skirt + bra, garter belt + stockings), 3. A cover up / wrap, shawl, off-the-shoulder shirt, button up shirt (or maybe something of your partner’s?), 4. If getting married, your wedding veil, or items sentimental to the wedding that you’d feel comfortable incorporating (some other ideas are shoes, jewelry, garter, etc) 5. Something you feel beautiful & comfortable in
  • Boudoir includes both far away & close up detail shots; if it makes you feel more comfortable, planning a mani-pedi a few days beforehand may help to not stress about close up shots; be mindful if waxing to do at least two days ahead of time, as anything too close to your session date could cause redness or blotchiness. Lotion will be your friend on your session date!
  • Stretch that morning or before your session!!! Believe it or not, boudoir can be hard work! There will be back bending and stretching involved during your session, and stretching beforehand can make these a lot easier! And don’t worry, I’ll never pose you in a way that feels uncomfortable to you!
  • Don’t forget accessories! Be sure to clean your ring, and load up on any necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, fishnets, or shoes that you want to bring with!
  • General “don’t’s” – short & flowy babydoll dresses (will make you look bigger than your shape because of uneven movement), corsets that restrict movement, busy patterns or neon colors.
  • Think of a song that makes you feel like a bad ass babe… and make sure you’re ready to tell me what it is when you arrive!
  • And remember, boudoir is collaborative! Unlike your wedding photos, engagement, or even a portrait session, boudoir is purely unique to YOU and YOUR NEEDS in that way that I can only know and direct so much throughout this session! This means that while I’m going to pour my creative energy into this session, direct you so that you never feel lost, and provide a safe space and energy for you, there is no one that knows you better than you – and I want you to feel empowered to take charge during our session, too! You are more than welcome to pinterest ideas & bring them with you, and if you have something special you want to incorporate that feels “out of the norm”, I’M IN – speak up, because I want this to be everything you dreamed of!

You are beautiful. You are loved. You deserve this. It can be as dialed-up sexy as you want, or as subtle as you’d like; remember that this is a gift for YOU.

Ready to schedule your boudoir session? Full send that message straight to me, click here!

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