i want to be your friend.
i said to my body softly...

it took a long breath and replied,

"i have been waiting my whole life for this."
is a celebration

the boudoir experience 

a celebration of everything that has lead you to this moment.
every scar, stretch, and jiggle is a part of the vessel that has guided you through this life. this body has carried you through more than you thought you could handle. you are alive, you are beautiful. 

you are unique. you are worthy. you are loved.

let’s celebrate every curve, line, & wrinkle that has formed because of every moment in fleeting time; every smile, tear, and laugh that makes up your life, that has gotten you to today. this is your time.

you deserve this.

level 1

x 1 hour + 15 minute session
x 30 hand-edited digital images
x private personal website for download and sharing
x studio location in lakewood, co

level 2

x 2-hour session
x 60 hand-edited digital images
x professional hair & makeup included
x private personal website for download and sharing
x studio location in lakewood, co

level 3

x 2-hour session
x 80+ unlimited hand-edited digital images
x professional hair & makeup styling
x your choice of studio setting in the denver metro area
x professionally crafted hard-cover photo album designed by me, included
** hair & makeup can be removed from package ($150 value)




your boudoir photography investment

so, what can you expect?

to feel beautiful.

the experience begins with a one-on-one personal consultation with me, so that we can get to know each other first, and discuss the vision you are looking for. i want to know the why behind your session, so that we can bring it to life together. 

to be empowered.

to “feel” and to “be” are two separate things; and we’re not faking it. you will be empowered during your session; the time we spend together is meant to be a love letter to your body. take a deep breath, and manifest that shit.

to fall in love.

this is a gift of self love. period. the boudoir experience is about you, and a re-discovery of a connection to yourself. while you might be thinking that this finished product of your session will be a gift for someone else, i want you to consider that this experience will gift so much more back to you. boudoir is an experience that allows for self-exploration, connection to sensuality, and personal love and acceptance. fall in love; over, and over, and over, and dial that bad-ass-ery all the way up.

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look, not everyone wakes up feeling like a bad bitch.

i get it. i really do.

i’ve spent the majority of my life trying to feel “good enough” for various reasons. maybe it was because i was the short girl with “that ass that don’t stop”, while my friends were wearing pant sizes three times smaller (gosh, how that mattered so much to me back then); maybe it was because i came from a family of addicts, that chose habits over me; maybe it was because of trauma, i'd be conditioned to take care of others before my own needs were met; maybe it was because for so long, i didn't feel worthy of love from my partner.

self-love came to me in the form of sensuality that i didn’t know i had; and after i reconnected, i found that there was another woman i did not know... i hadn't met her yet. dance and circus did this for me, but only after i took the first leap. i looked around at a room full of people that were physically more fit and stronger than i could ever hope to be… and for the first time, instead of running from that intimated feeling, that feeling that i didn't belong and wasn't worthy, i pushed it aside and i dove straight in.

this isn’t a pole dance ad, and i’m definitely not here to sell you something about fitness. i'm telling you that this is a journey, one that starts with putting yourself first, taking the first leap, and then doing the work along the way. after our session, i hope that you'll find the courage to find your journey. 

i offer boudoir as an experience because it. is. important. to learn how to listen to your body, and to explore the sensual parts of you that are there for YOU, no one else. it is important to re-connect with yourself, and dig deeper. to continue to explore. to find every layer.

i’m here to carefully create a space for your soul to explore what it means to be the raw, stripped-down, no-bullshit version of YOU. whatever that looks like for you. lingerie, in a t-shirt, full makeup or none. let’s do it together.

then i woke the f&%k up