an unconventional wedding experience for the non-traditional couple that isn't afraid to get weird 

wear the black dress. take your engagement photos in skinny jeans & old vans. play the game of thrones theme song as you walk down the aisle. elope on a mountaintop with a few of your favorite people. we're throwing the middle finger to what the wedding industry says you should do, and paving the way for your own traditions.

you deserve an experience better than spending all your free time googling to try and figure this out alone. i am your photographer, your planning assistant, someone who will truly consider you a friend instead of a "client", and will care about your wedding day like it is my own. i'm here to make sure you have a day that's authentic, full of adventure, fun as hell, full of belly laughs and pop punk playlists, and as unique as your love.

hey, i'm steph.

not your average boho-chic, influencer-styled, only "for the adventurous and wild" photographer. i'm here to make sure you have a wedding day that feels like crowd-surfing through this life milestone, is true to you, and celebrates your weird.

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