wear the black dress. take your engagement photos in skinny jeans & old vans. play the game of thrones theme song as you walk down the aisle. elope on a mountaintop with a few of your best friends. we're throwing the middle finger to "should" and making your own traditions. 

who said an elopement was only for the "adventurous + wildly in love" ?

your wedding day is an experience as unique as you + your love

your day doesn't have to look like anyone else's, and i'm here to help make sure it doesn't! each elopement i photograph is completely different than the next, and that's because each couple is completely different; from wants and needs, to ideas and dreams, to your love story that i am dedicated to telling authentically and true to you, your day will be unlike any other.

this isn't for instagram. or a magazine. or to impress your friends back home. but we're still going to make sure these photos are damn good.

you’ve come a long way to consider an elopement or intimate wedding option. likely after so, so much research…
navigating guilt of “leaving out” family…
the ever-consuming “fomo” that comes with considering “giving up” the original big wedding day…

take a breath.
this is your love story.
you have choices &
and someone who cares enough to guide you.
more than just photographs,
this is an investment in your memories. 

i can't wait to tell your authentic story.
let me help you plan the best day of your life & capture your story authentic to you.

you deserve an experience better than spending all your free time googling to try and figure this out alone. i am your photographer, your planning assistant, someone who will truly consider you a friend instead of a "client", and will care about your wedding day like it is my own. i'm here to make sure you have a day that's authentic, full of adventure, fun as hell, full of belly laughs and pop punk playlists, and as unique as your love.

so don't put yourself in a box.
we're doing things your way.

your colorado elopement & wedding photographer
creepin' it real to help you have the best day of your life
elopements + weddings + boudoir 



just like the emo dayzzzz

an experience ...

we're going to do things a little differently around here.

what does this process actually look like? 

reach out through my contact page, give me as much honest info as possible, and receive your custom price proposals within 72 business hours. i'll reach out afterwards to set up an initial Zoom call so we can chat over coffee or beers, get to know each other, and start brain storming for your big day.

decide to make me your Elopement Day Gandalf & we'll get right to planning via a build-your-elopement process based on your specific wants, needs, and feedback you've given me - all within a collaborative portal we can both access to communicate on a regular basis. you'll feel the weight come off your shoulders as custom-chosen options are laid out for you to review and pick from! 

when you show up on your elopement day, you won't feel confused and alone on a mountaintop like Frodo. instead, you'll have been a part of this process from the beginning. your day will feel romantic, stress-free, and FUN. we'll adventure to your vow location (whether that's 5+ miles out or right off the road), hang out together in a laid-back setting, and allow you and your love to experience the entire day, TOGETHER without any unnecessary distractions.

complete with a big "fuck you" to the traditional wedding industry that just doesn't "get you", we're getting creative and doing things your way. 




former midwest elder emo kid & lover of nostalgia like any true 90's baby, i'll be the first one to tell you that experiences matter, and you won't know how much until they're gone. 

your elopement is all about the experience & you’ve chosen an intimate wedding option because you don’t want to pay for a bunch of "stuff" you don't need. i get it. but that doesn't mean you're settling or "giving up" that wedding you always dreamed of; in fact, it means that you're going to have the most authentic, unique & intimate day of your dreams with epic photos to boot. but, planning a day that’s full of more options than you can even dream up can feel overwhelming, and i’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone.

you need more than just a photographer to show up and document your day. you need someone who is willing and able to guide you through this process, to make sure that you get everything you want out of the best day of your life. you need someone that knows the area, has lived here for years, and knows which vendors won't treat you like trash. you need someone who isn't considering your elopement as "settling" or "cutting back", who will share in your vison to create the day of your dreams.

so, we're going to do things a little bit differently around here.

we're taking out posed photos for grandma, throwing the middle finger to traditions, and doing things your way instead (trust me, she's going to love these so much better). you now have someone who has your back, and will help plan your day according to YOUR needs and wants, who actually fucking cares about YOU.

my style leans on earthy greens, authentic emotions, a dreamy-feel, and capturing all the little in-betweens and imperfect details of your day. if you're looking for someone to show up and take a few staged photos or grab the "traditional shots", we might not be the right fit; i want this to be an experience for you that you won't forget, and that means feeling your way through your day and leaving space for me to capture that light that shines through. 

you are important to me from the minute you FULL SEND that message to my inbox. you are not just another booked retainer in my schedule, & i'm going to be here to help you the entire way. let's do this.

hey, i'm steph!

you need more than just a photographer to show up and document your day.
that's where i come in.

here's to a wedding day that prioritizes what YOU want. no one else. what if i told you that you didn’t have to hike 5+ miles to have an “adventure elopement” (unless you want to - because I’m so down!), and that the epic location you’re looking for was accessible even to the lazy at heart - and grandma!

that planning could be easier,
and you’d have someone by your side to guide you the entire way? most couples haven’t even considered that their wedding day could focus on their love, without distractions, without spending thousands on food you never got a chance to eat, without missing important moments with family and friends. you & your partner, and the love that you share. that’s the priority.

let’s do the damn thing... together.
let me help guide you,
& give you your time back.

your story
let's  tell
& have a f#%@in' great time

"Stephanie is such an amazing person in and out!
It was snowing at the original place we wanted to go (Colorado weather can be unpredictable) but she found a different location. Not only did she have our energetic pup who broke the leash while he was strapped to her, she still held onto him while taking photos! She helped map out how the day would go and despite our pups and the bad weather the photos came out AMAZING! I highly recommend Hennessy photography!"

how the day would go"

"She helped map out 

isela + abimael
summit county, co
spring elopement

"We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with Steph! We felt like we were only there for a few minutes and she had gotten a million great shots! Not only was she fun and professional to work with, we got our pictures back almost immediately and were blown away by the quality. We have recommended her to all of our friends and will continue to hire Steph for any of our future photography needs!

Steph became our wedding photographer after she graciously stepped in when we had to change our date. Not only was she completely communicative and supportive throughout the entire process but she gave us some INCREDIBLE photos."

blown away"

"We were

summer elopement

"Steph was an INCREDIBLE photographer. She communicated promptly and warmly, gave well-informed suggestions leading up to the shoot, went above and beyond to capture a wide range of moments, and made both of us (who consider ourselves fairly un-photogenic) feel so comfortable. The photos turned out better than we could have hoped for, and I can't wait to schedule another shoot with her sometime soon!"

to capture a wide range of moments"

"went above and beyond


"She absolutely KILLED these photos, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be there and capture this day."

asked for anyone better"

"We couldn't have

emily + austin
channahon, il
summer wedding

"Steph is absolutely amazing as a photographer, business woman, and overall human being. She is a genuinely kind, beautiful soul that cares about her clients so much. 1000000/10 would recommend for any occasion but specifically your elopement or weddings. Our day would not have been possible without her. Thank you so much for everything!"


"She is 

christina + zach
summit county, co
summer elopement

from kick-ass couples

kind words