Hennessy Photo Co is a Colorado elopement & wedding photographer, providing a hand-crafted, raw, unconventional wedding experience for bad ass couples. Colorado + Illinois + Florida + wherever your imagination takes us.

let's make this easy. you've found someone who is ready to stand their ground with you to make sure you get the day YOU want. you could settle for just an hour of photos to capture a few moments, or you could let yourself dream up a day that is authentically you, prioritizes your love, and tells the entire story to share with family, friends, and for years to come. nostalgia you'll want decades from now (just like the emo dayzzzz and a 90s fashion trend, but better).

if you're sick of trying to google "how to" do everything that's involved in this process...

if you value being able to focus on your partner and your connection on your wedding day...

if you love the idea of your wedding being a laid-back, roll-with-the-punches adventure and maybe even your honeymoon all-in-one...

but, before you reach out...
make sure that you're choosing a photographer that generally aligns with your views & morals.
remember that you're choosing me to
hang out with you, all. day.
you're choosing me to capture intimate moments, unforgettable memories, interactions between family and friends, based on values that are important to you.
we'll get along best and connect at a higher level if we're on the same page.

hennessy photo co is BIPOC & LGBTQAI inclusive,
a genuine supporter of women and creating space for lifting each other to our full potential, standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and a cheerleader for every soul to be their authentic self.
every soul is welcome here.

cool? cool.
i can't wait to be friends!