weddings, elopements & boudoir for the rebels & outsiderzz
based in denver, 
will party anywhere your love takes us


a photographer who actually cares

originally home-grown in small-town,
chicagoland, IL (shout out to my south of 80 crew), i'm a former midwest elder emo and lover of all things punk rock & nerdy, mixed with a heavy dose of cottage core. ya feel?

rooted in denver, colorado, also serving illinois and florida (with no travel fees, my roots here are your gain!)

a lover of...
my partner, steve
harry potter & dragonlance
RPGs & board games
subaru (ambassador in spirit…)
australian shepherds (i have two!)
great beer & ski slopes
pop-punk & the emo dayzzz
my green bay packers 
aerial dance & circus
& adventuring with my couples!

i originally picked up a camera because i lost my father at a young age. and after that, i lost two uncles, a family friend, and then my grandpa - the last father-figure i had.

my biggest regret is not having more photos. why didn’t i have more to hang onto? why didn’t i have something more tangible to remember?

what if i forget?

because these photos become more important, not the day after your wedding to share on facebook, but years from now. to remember.

so why is this midwest girl in colorado? well, it started with leaving a ton of bad memories and family shit behind, and starting over; realizing in the worst ways that life is short, and it should be spent focusing energy on the people and experiences that matter most to you. not holding back. not sitting in what is comfortable.

i’m not telling you this to sob-story you into hiring me. i’m telling you because it’s real, and it's the “why” behind what i do. because it’s exactly why i will handle your session with care. because i really do give a shit, and i want the same for you - focused energy on the people and experiences that are important to you. i’m putting this energy into your happiest moments, and nostalgia you’re going to want to keep forever - and i’m pouring my heart into it.

i am here to capture your memories, pull them out of fleeting time, and make them tangible... so that you'll never forget.

i am asking you to invest in photography & the experience of living fully in this moment, because it's going to pass quickly;
because this is an investment in your life, your experiences, your memories.

a girl who learned the hard way that life is short 

hey, i'm steph !

i can't wait to help tell your story

here's why i actually give a shit.

favorite band to see live?
Gogol bordello, state champs
favorite hobbies outside of photo?
pole dance, lyra, video games, hiking, climbing
favorite elopement location?
rocky mountain national park & buena vista, co

let's hang out on spotify