finally, a photographer that cares
more about your experience than my portfolio.

This means that your custom proposal won't include any fluff you don't need, and allow space for anything you dream up. You deserve someone by your side who is invested in you, and wants to take care of you throughout this process! You need more than an elopement photographer; you need someone dedicated to help guide you.

My vows to you start with...

not outsourcing your experience; no personal assistants, no location-sourcing gurus - your planning experience is going to be with ME

being there for you throughout this entire process, from beginning to end, and committing to ensuring you have the most epic wedding day possible 

custom price proposals made just for you, based on your specific wants and needs

elopement specific planning assistance and guidance to include timeline creation, location options based on your needs, permit sourcing, vendor recommendations, idea and activity suggestions to add to your day, and sights and activity recommendations for your trip if coming from out of town!

a collaborative planning portal that takes the stress of planning off your plate, while making sure that YOU are in the driver's seat for decision making for your day

your full story with no image cap, high-resolution images hand-edited, delivered via a personal website for download & free sharing with anyone you'd like

full print release & access to my partnered professional photo lab for printing as an option

unlimited communication via phonecall / video call opportunities with me throughout the planning process (and on instaaa!)

no travel fees in colorado, or to illinois or florida (my roots here are your gain!), and my willingness to travel where-ever love takes us! 

ready to see what your day could look like?










this isn't an investment in JUST some elopement photos
this is an investment in your



let's adventure together. i'll help you from beginning to end via a build-your-elopement planning process to guide you the entire way. nothing is off the table, and options range from 2hr to multi-day coverage. dream. big. elopements up to 15 guests.

show-up-and-just-shoot, bare-bones
two-hour elopements starting at $1000


looking for a bigger party? the process may be a bit different, but i'm still your right-hand chaos-coordinator for anything you need. wedding packages include access to vendor guides, timeline creation, and basic planning assistance.


let's bring out the bad-ass in you. all boudoir packages begin with a free consultation to help put you at ease before your session, guides to help plan ahead of time, and multiple photo and album package options.

average investment $1000

packages BEGINNING AT $2800+

PHOTO & PLANNING ASSISTANCE packages beginning AT $2000+

packages BEGINNING AT $500+


i might just be your gandalf of elopement planning

Your wedding or elopement experience is so much more than exploring for two hours to capture your ceremony on a mountaintop, or being directed at to capture some portfolio-worthy shots for likes on Instagram. It is not just one day, where I show up, click the camera for an hour, and leave.

This experience is meant to prioritize your love, your way. It is allowing space to dream up a day that feels completely unique to you as a couple, while allowing you to fully breathe and enjoy each other throughout the process. I am here to create that experience for you, based on what is important to YOU on your wedding day.

This is why you won't find standard wedding or elopement packages on my website, forcing you to choose from inside a box of limited options. After you reach out, you'll receive packages that allow you options, created specifically for you based on the information you gave me.

More than just your photographer,

We're taking your rings to Isengard (I mean - Colorado!)! I am here to help you through this process from beginning to end, and take the stress of planning off you, so that you're not going into this adventure completely blind. But let's be clear, I am not here to take the planning decisions away from you for your elopement day, because it's important to me that YOU have the final say in everything that happens on the best day of your life. After we have a chance to talk and you've chosen me as your own personal Gandalf to guide you through your own adventure, I'll start putting together the beginnings of your dream day - complete with location options to pick from that I've chosen specifically for you based on your feedback, a list of vendors I trust, booking recommendations, travel recommendations, and suggestions of things to do and see during your trip. This puts YOU as the ring leader of your epic day (get it? Gandalf? rings? nevermind...), after I give you a ton of options to choose from in a step-by-step, Build-Your-Elopement process in a collaborative planning portal. Think of it this way = instead of arriving to your elopement location and asking me "what should we do next?", we'll make a plan together ahead of time, so that I'm following YOU around on YOUR epic adventure, and telling your story the way it should be documented - raw, emotional, and authentic. 

Let's make the epic day you've dreamed up a reality. Let's start the adventure of your life together with new traditions and an experience you won't forget. Instead of taking the reins myself and only giving you elopement options that I've already totally planned out for you, you'll be in the driver's seat the entire process with me as your co-pilot to guide you through a step-by-step process to build this your way, so you're never googling through the storm alone.


I have a team of photographers that work under my brand, are trained by me, and are specifically here to ensure two things: 1. that, in the event i cannot make it to your event (due to illness, death, or another personal issue, etc), that i have a trained associate to take my place instead of hiring someone random off of Facebook (which, possibly to your surprise, most photographers are doing) and 2. so that you have an option to book with me, even if i'm unavailable! this option allows for all your communications and editing to still be through me, so that you have the same experience overall, and comes at a more affordable rate.

What does it mean to book with your "associate photographer"?

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I do not include videography services specifically under my brand, but have package deals with local videographers that i know and trust to help you with this service!

Do you include videography services?

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yes! i have a ton of locations that don't require any hiking at all. keep in mind that this does sometimes come with the trade-off of having less privacy (more people in an easily-accessible place), but i will help lead you to some local gems based on your wants and needs!

What if we don't want to hike very far? Do you still have location options that will work for us?

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Absolutely! The majority of the elopements I take on are planned between 30-90 days out, with the shortest at two weeks! 

We're planning our elopement short-term. Will you be able to help us with limited time?

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Absolutely. Whatever your love looks like - no matter the body shape, skin color, gender or sexual orientation - you are welcome here, and I'd love to be a part of your day. 

Are you familiar with shooting with LGBTQAI+ couples?

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Yes, and no. It depends how thorough of an event you are having, and what you feel you specifically need assistance with. I am not a professional planner, and will not be planning your event/elopement for you; your Planning Portal is a customized portal made with recommendations and options that I've outlined for you based on your wants and needs, and is a guiding process on how to plan your elopement step-by-step. The Portal will include locations I've scouted for you, a timeline I created for you, vendor recommendations for folks I've worked with, recommendations for things to do in the area where you're eloping, lodging recommendations, and instructions to get your marriage license. for most couples, this is enough to help them plan from beginning to end; if you need more assistance, or want someone to plan out your elopement for you, I would suggest a wedding planner to supplement my services and have many recommendations I can send your way!

What exactly is included in the Planning Portal/Guide? Do I still need a wedding planner?

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You're right! If you find an experienced elopement photographer, most will include some form of planning to help assist you throughout your day; if they don't, they may not be experienced in this realm and this is important to remember when trekking through land and alpine climate that you might not be used to. My services are different because I'm going to help you along the way; instead of sending just an 80+ page elopement guide that has been sent to every couple - and overwhelming you with more information than you need / information that may not even be applicable to your event - your Planning Portal and Guide will be curated specifically for you, and will be adjusted along the way as we finalize plans together.

a lot of elopement photographers include planning. why are you different?

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Yes, and no. I take on a limited amount of couples each year, to ensure that I can serve each of them actively and uniquely. Some of that mix are larger weddings (50+ guests), but I am intentional with these events. The couples I work with understand that I am not there to take a lot of staged traditional photos, and allow me space for the vision of your day - which includes in-between imperfect moments throughout. If this sounds like you, i'd love to work together!

Do you also shoot larger / more traditional weddings?

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